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Next On The Checklist - VNC

Okay, I just installed the VNC package and successfully accessed a KDE 
desktop from my Windows-98 system.  And I must say, I became instantly 
enamored with VNC.  However, I now have a bunch of questions.

1:  Every time I connect, I always get root's desktop by default.  How do 
I configure vncserver to access a normal non-root user's desktop instead?

2:  The VNC session always gives me the KDE desktop.  However, I would 
like to run other desktops as well (GNOME in particular).  Is there any 
way to state which Window Manager gets used each VNC session?

3:  My VNC desktop always comes up at 640x480.  How do I get it to come 
up at a higher resolution?  When logged into an X-Session directly at the 
console, I have 800x600 as my resolution, and my Windows system is set 
for 1024x768.

4:  I also went ahead and installed a vnc server on my Windows-98 system. 
 Now, how do I connect to that one from the Linux box?

All in all, I think I will eventually be extremely pleased with VNC, once 
I get the finer details ironed out.  This looks like it could be one of 
the most useful open source packages ever conceived.  :D

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