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Re: Linux is not for consumers!

On Sat, 13 Dec 2003 at 22:52 GMT, s. keeling penned:
> Incoming from John L. Fjellstad:
>> Monique Y. Herman wrote:
>> > Can you explain to me why you would use a subject such as you did,
>> Actually easiest way to get help.
> Actually, as has been known and said for _ages_, it's the best way to
> get THOSE WHO KNOW to ignore you.  Do you want to get lots of replies,
> or do you want an accurate, en pointe answer to your problem?
>> Ask how to set up CUPS in linux and you get a couple of RTFM.
> Often, that's excellent advice!  What's wrong with it?
> If you use a decent Subject: line, and you say, "I read the dox, and
> still don't understand $blah!", you'll have people falling all over
> you trying to fix your problem.  They'll also be the BEST people;
> those who appreciate helping people who at least TRY to help
> themselves.  Those people also ignore Subject: lines like yours (until
> they're forced to notice them, like now).

The guy who posted this is not the original poster, for the record.


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