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Re: My email is rejected by some sites

My isp killed me again, when I tried to email to my self a test after
changing exim.conf as indicated So, let me ask a couple of questions:

> * Thanasis Kinias (tkinias@asu.edu) [031211 13:03]:
> >     # For AOL...
> > 
> >     aol:
> >         driver = domainlist
> >         domains = aol.com
> >         transport = remote_smtp
> >         route_list = * smtp.west.cox.net

Is there a space between the * and smtp?

> Well, really you'll just need one such router, with the bad domains
> listed on that "domains = " line.  Me, I'd use a filename there and
> that way be able to just edit the file whenever I felt like it instead
> of mucking around in exim.conf.  As an added bonus, making changes to
> this external file wouldn't require the server to reload to
> incorporate them.

What is the correct way?
" domains = /home/tony/black_list  "
is for example right?

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