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Re: Mutt, stop CC-ing the list

On Thu, Dec 11, 2003 at 12:38:03AM -0500, ScruLoose wrote:
> AFAIK, mutt cannot be made to actually issue a prompt in any of these
> cases. So I guess if you really _really_ want to be prompted (instead of
> just using the appropriate command in the first place) then you are
> trying to make mutt do something outside its usual behaviour after all.

Thanks for the reply.  Yes, I was wishing for Mutt to help me out 
instead of making me cogitate "which is appropriate here" when it's 
usually clear from context.  (In particular the choice between <g> in 
Inbox and <l> for Lists.  I never want the <g> behavior for Lists, and 
<l> does nothing for non-lists).  I'll ask on mutt-users.

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