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Re: Mutt, stop CC-ing the list

On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 07:08:51PM -0800, Nunya wrote:
> I'd like to be able to sit a single <r> key, and be prompted "Narrow or 
> Wide ?" with a default of Wide.
> Wide means "reply to group" in my Inbox and "reply only to list, unless 
> sender has requested a CC" for lists.  Narrow means "reply only to 
> sender" in both cases.
> Can I make mutt do that?  Or at least make <g> always act as Wide is 
> described?  (<r> already acts like Narrow -- but I'd still like the 
> prompt).

It doesn't look like you're trying to "make" Mutt do anything it doesn't
already do. You just need to use the right key for each job.

In Mutt's default keybindings:
r  will reply to the sender only
L  will reply to the list (CCing the sender _if_ they have set the
   mail-followup-to header)
g  will reply to both sender and list (plus anyone else the sender CCed
   on their post. The mutt manual calls it "reply to all recipients" for
   a reason.)

The <L> key only works if you have made mutt aware of the list, by using
the "lists" or "subscribe" syntax in your .muttrc file.

AFAIK, mutt cannot be made to actually issue a prompt in any of these
cases. So I guess if you really _really_ want to be prompted (instead of
just using the appropriate command in the first place) then you are
trying to make mutt do something outside its usual behaviour after all.

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