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Re: Mutt, stop CC-ing the list

On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 09:43:24PM -0500, Walter Dnes wrote:
>   I may be a small minority, but I view the web page at...
> http://www.unicom.com/pw/reply-to-harmful.html as being harmfull.

I'd like to be able to sit a single <r> key, and be prompted "Narrow or 
Wide ?" with a default of Wide.

Wide means "reply to group" in my Inbox and "reply only to list, unless 
sender has requested a CC" for lists.  Narrow means "reply only to 
sender" in both cases.

Can I make mutt do that?  Or at least make <g> always act as Wide is 
described?  (<r> already acts like Narrow -- but I'd still like the 


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