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Re: Install Debian


Joseph MICHEL (<JosephMichel@wanadoo.fr>) wrote:

>     I have just installed Red Hat Linux 9.0 on my PC (Intel Pentium
>     233 Mhz MMX, Ram 64 Mo, Disk space 8 Go, Graphic card : Matrox
>     Millenium 4 Mo). There was no problem during installation.
>     However, everything is extremely slow : the least application
>     (even the desktop menu) takes several minutes to open.
>     Please advise : Can Debian Linux do better ? And what is better :
>     upgrade Red Hat to Debian or install Debian from zero ?

You will probably have the same problems with Debian if you choose the
wrong desktop environment or window manager. Gnome or KDE will be slow
on your computer, no matter if you use Debian or Red Hat. Try to switch
to some smaller window manager like windowmaker, icewm od xfce. Also
take a look at the services started when booting. You probably don't
need all of them.

If you really want to switch to Debian, you will have to reinstall the
system, "upgrading" will not work properly (in fact, the versions of
packages in the stable version of Woody are mostly older that those in
RedHat 9).

And please, tell your email or news client to use proper line breaks,
scrolling horizontally is annoying.

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

Andreas Janssen
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