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Re: Install Debian

Joseph MICHEL wrote:
I have just installed Red Hat Linux 9.0 on my PC (Intel Pentium 233 Mhz MMX, Ram 64 Mo, Disk space 8 Go, Graphic card : Matrox Millenium 4 Mo). There was no problem during installation. However, everything is extremely slow : the least application (even the desktop menu) takes several minutes to open. Please advise : Can Debian Linux do better ? And what is better : upgrade Red Hat to Debian or install Debian from zero ? Thank you in advance. Cordially,
    JosephMichel@wanadoo.fr <mailto:JosephMichel@wanadoo.fr>

Please turn off html to this mailing list.

Saying "everything is extremely slow" does not allow a prognosis without more specific info.

Debian Linux in general allows you to fine-tune a Linux installation and use the superior Debian packaging system but is meant for those who are knowledgeable or those who are willing to learn and read the manuals. (Which I do badly ;-) )

There is no such thing as upgrade Red Hat to Debian: they are two different distros with different objectives, each excelling in their own areas.

If you are new to Linux and want to learn Debian there are several options:

1. Use a Debian distro that is already pre-packaged, e.g. Knoppix, there are others. Use Google to search. 2. Use Debian as is from minimum CD, full CD or boot floppies. Described in http://www.debian.org

In the latter case: be patient and read the manuals, it is not meant to be an install on the fly: you are building a finely-tuned machine.

We will help you when you specify specific problem areas in detail.


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