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Re: Limiting daemons' RSS

Brian McGroarty <brian@mcgroarty.net> writes:

> I'd like to ensure that apache and exim never starve other programs
> for memory by limiting their resident set sizes to a total of 6 and
> 4 megs apiece. I'm fine with these running slowly.
> [ ... ]
> bash's inbuilt ulimit command doesn't seem to include an RSS option,
> so I'm not sure I can run that before each daemon to force the
> resident set size.

RSS stands for "resident set size."  That in mind, quoting bash(1):

   ulimit [-SHacdflmnpstuv [limit]]
        [ ... ]
        -m     The maximum resident set size
        [ ... ]

Hope this helps,
Lucas Bergman <lucas@fivesight.com>
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