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Re: Anfrage f?r einen Linktausch an debian-user@lists.debian.org

on Mon, 08 Dec 2003 09:56:34PM -0700, Monique Y. Herman insinuated:
> On Tue, 09 Dec 2003 at 03:30 GMT, ben_foley@web.de penned:
> >>
> > it's not just the grammar. there are two meaninngs for 'seite':
> > page and side. the situation is also confused by the fact that
> > 'links' means left, but is also used, in german, to refer to
> > hypertext links; as is 'seite', meaning page, as in web page.
> > literal translation results, in this case, in garbled nonsense.
> > the sense of any phrase, in any language, is an issue of context.
> > as far as i know, there is no engine yet developed that is capable
> > of grammatically parsing phrases in one language correctly, let
> > alone having the capacity to render coherent translation from one
> > language to another.
> > 
> Sounds like a handy place for fuzzy logic (I think that's the
> correct term in this case?), where if "links" appears in combination
> with, say, street names and whatnot, it's given a weighting toward
> "left," and if it appears in combination with, say, technical terms,
> it's given a weighting towards "web link."  Actually, I could swear
> I've read recently about *someone* trying to implement something
> like that, but can't remember where.

sure, it's a common problem in comp ling -- called "word sense
disambiguation."  part of many systems being developed commercially
(including the one i work for), but not freely available on any decent
translator i know about.


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