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Re: Is resolv.conf essential? - SOLVED (AGAIN!)

On 05 Dec 2003, Anthony Campbell wrote:

> I think I've finally found the problem here. I need to have
> /etc/resolv.conf with just one line:
> 	nameserver
> With this in place everything seems to work as it should. But I don't
> think I've seen it documented anywhere (though it probably is).

Sorry: this was premature; it stopped working shortly afterwards.
However, after further research and comparison with a different
computer on which things were working, I found that I had an older
version of /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/0dns-up. For some reason this didn't seem to
have been upgraded, even after doing apt-get reinstall. I therefore
copied the later version into place and this (I think!) has made things
work as they should.


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