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Re: Is resolv.conf essential?

On 05 Dec 2003, John Hasler wrote:
> Anthony writes:
> > According to the man page for resolv.conf it is not supposed to be
> > necesssary on a properly configured system.
> The author of that page assumes that every machine is always running a
> nameserver.  This is, of course, not true.

I see. Thanks; then it seems the man page should be amended to reflect

> > However I can't connect to my dialup ISP without it. This creates
> > problems when I use a different ISP.
> Run pppconfig and configure a connection for each ISP, specifying the
> correct nameservers for each ISP (or 'dynamic' if the ISP uses so-called
> 'dynamic dns').  Everything will just work.

I'd done this previously and I think it used to work but now it doesn't.
I've rerun pppconfig in case it was screwed up but it still won't find a
server, whether with static or dynamic dns. 


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