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Re: compiling kernel for another system

On Sunday 07 December 2003 18:06, Roberto Sanchez wrote:
> I'm a little late in the thread, but I think I am having the same
> problem.  Last night I compiled a vanilla 2.4.23 kernel on my Sid
> workstation to then install it on my Woody server.  Before doing
> the compile, I moved my /usr/bin/gcc symlink to point from gcc-3.3
> to point to gcc-2.95.  However, when I installed the resulting
> .deb, I got unresolved symbols in ass the modules.  dpkg asked if I
> wanted to abort, which I did.

Well, this certainly seems to be the same situation. I can just tell 
you the same thing I said before. Try it and it'll most probably 
work. However, if nobody else tries it, it won't be possible to 
confirm this.

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