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Re: compiling kernel for another system

Magnus von Koeller wrote:
On Sunday 07 December 2003 18:06, Roberto Sanchez wrote:

I'm a little late in the thread, but I think I am having the same
problem.  Last night I compiled a vanilla 2.4.23 kernel on my Sid
workstation to then install it on my Woody server.  Before doing
the compile, I moved my /usr/bin/gcc symlink to point from gcc-3.3
to point to gcc-2.95.  However, when I installed the resulting
.deb, I got unresolved symbols in ass the modules.  dpkg asked if I
wanted to abort, which I did.

Well, this certainly seems to be the same situation. I can just tell you the same thing I said before. Try it and it'll most probably work. However, if nobody else tries it, it won't be possible to confirm this.

Do you mean to install the kernel and ignore the unresolved symbol
errors?  Then try booting the new kernel to see if it actually works?


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