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Re: I'm face Few problem , need suggestion

ScruLoose <scruloose+debuser@eastlink.ca> writes:

> On Thu, Dec 04, 2003 at 06:00:18PM -0500, Bijan Soleymani wrote:
> <SNIP>
>> ... Having autodetection on ia32 doesn't hurt sparc users (it
>> doesn't help them either, but that's not a problem).
> I think you're preaching to the choir on this issue.
> Unless I'm mistaken, the new "debian-installer" that will ship with
> Sarge _has_ a fair degree of hardware autodetection.

I'm glad to hear that. I'll check it out soon.

> Of course, this doesn't change the fact that Knoppix serves a completely
> different niche than Debian and it wouldn't make a lot of sense to
> strive to make Debian just like Knoppix.
> Knoppix made some sacrifices to achieve a no-questions-asked,
> straight-outta-the-box desktop system, and it's great for that purpose.
> Debian's priorities are not the same and there's no reason they should
> be.

Agreed. I think Knoppix is more of a taste than the real thing. But I
think that there are some good features that Knoppix has that could be
added to Debian (like autodetection). But the way things are it's
pretty difficult for a newbie to go from Knoppix to Debian. I'm just
glad that is being worked on.

Bijan Soleymani <bijan@psq.com>

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