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Re: another problem starting X with sarge-install

> Tom Allison wrote:
> Do you perhaps have two video cards in the system? Or is the G400
> dual-headed?

No...  Just one G400, single head.

>> After this completed, I rebooted (new kernel) and was able to start up
>> xdm (did not start automatically).
> Odd that it did not start automatically.

Yes... it is.

>> I could login using XDM to the WindowMaker desktop as root. As a
>> non-root user, my login failed and I was sent back to the XDM login
>> screen.
> Instead of using XDM, can you start X as a normal user with just the
> "startx" command?

No I cannot run startx as normal user.

> My first suspicion would be "/etc/X11/Xwrapper.config" having the line
> "allowed_users=root" instead of "allowed_users=console". If so, you can
> change it manually or run "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-common" and properly
> answer the question about who can run X.

I was never asked, under Medium dialog, who could run this.
I will check it when I get in front of my computer.
If this does solve the matter, then I will consider filing a bugreport
against the installation.

Thanks for the suggestion.

>> At this point I will retry installation of Debian using only -stable
>> packages to see if this can be set up correctly with those packages.
> Yikes! No need to reinstall. This is just an X issue, not an OS issue.

Normally true.  But when I run into goofy stuff that I can't seem to
identify after the experience overall and time on this one...  It's faster
to reinstall sometimes.  This is a very new setup.

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