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Re: migration from RedHat to Debian, general question about Debian (dpkg, kernel, config)

Roberto Sanchez writes:

> Valentine Kouznetsov writes:
> > 1) dpkg is great, but I cannot figure out one simple/usefull
> > procedure. Let's assume I install one package and have file
> > /usr/bin/my. Is is possible to figure out using dpkg or similar
> > tool to which package /usr/bin/my belong to. On RedHat I just
> > invoke rpm -qf /usr/bin/my and get back package name.
> Fram the man page:
> dpkg -L | --listfiles package ...
>          List files installed to your system from package.

What the OP was asking for seems to be more like 'dpkg -S'.

> > Where correctly put aliases for modules, there so many config file
> > for modules on Debian?
> Either in /etc/modules.conf or in a file in /etc/modutils/ (it
> depends on your setup).

Don't edit /etc/modules.conf, since it is automatically generated.  Do
edit files in /etc/modutils and run update-modules.  Read
update-modules(8) for information.

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