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I'm having trouble with sqwebmail. I'm using sarge, but a quick attempt on a Woody system seemed the same. I followed the instructions in README.Debian;

-copied /usr/lib/courier/sqwebmail/html to /home/mywebmail
   (I used cp -a, so the directory en-us and the link "us" were copied)

- Added "SetEnv SQWEBMAIL_TEMPLATEDIR /home/mywebmail to httpd.conf

Apache wouldn't accept the SetEnv, so I uncommented the line in httpd.conf
that loads mod_env.

Now, if I go to http://systemname/cgi-bin/sqwebmail it works, but isn't the
SetEnv supposed to make http://systemname/sqwebmail work?  the longer
url works with or without the SetEnv.

I put the SetEnv line at the end of httpd.conf, was it supposed to go somewhere else?


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