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Re: Setting fcc-hook in mutt

Thanks for your reply Florian.

> As I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to achieve I start over
> now...

> On Tue, Nov 18, 2003 at 04:18:55PM +0200, jspies@sun.ac.za wrote:
> >1. Which setting (apparently the default) causes mutt to save a message
> >  (when I press 's') to the folder with the name of the user in the
> >  "From:" field (I am using maildir)?
> OK, I did some research, this one is hardcoded in the source, see
> function mutt_default_save in hook.c. Thus I don't think it can be
> adjusted by any configuration option, but I may be wrong.
> >2. How do I set $record and/or fcc-hook to do the same except that it
> >  must use using the "To:" field in such a case?
> Take a look at the save_name / force_name configuration options.

Aah!  That is it!  I have been looking at the wrong option.  The
save_name / force_name options was what I was looking for. I was
looking to use fcc-hook.  I was stupid not to have seen this in the

Thanks for your help.

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