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Re: epson

On Wed, 19 Nov 2003 11:51:06 +0100
steef <s.duin@wxs.nl> wrote:

> The black ink on my epson 870 does not print.  The colors print.
> I have run the nozzle check, etc., several times and it still doesn't
> print. I have a new black cartridge and it still doesn't print in
> black.
> Can anyone help?
> Thanks
> Karen
> under window$$ epson printers show a box in which tou can switch from
> colours to black. maybe onder linux_debian too? no harm done to give
> it a try.
> steef
What print programme are you running?
There should be a configuration there that will assist.
Google for the website of the programme concerned, and there will be
forum assistance there also, but being Epson, you should be having no
trouble with Linux.
Without specifics, it makes it a little hard to help you.


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