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Re: Opium [was: Re: freelance sysadmining -- superlong -- [WAS: "Red Hat recommends Windows for consumers"]]

On Sat, Nov 15, 2003 at 09:08:07AM -0600, Hoyt Bailey wrote:
> Its not often that I agree with Tom.  Should I be worried?

It's my lot in life to be a thorn in the side.  Everybody in the world 
identifies themselves by what camps they belong to.  I argue in this 
bizarro style mostly to stir passions, I don't really believe most of 
what I say :-)

My nickname online is Saint Stephen: "wherever he goes the people all 

You won't realize the benefits of someone like me until after I'm gone.  
Actually, then you won't attribute it to me, you'll just wonder why 
things are so much better :-)

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