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Re: Opium [was: Re: freelance sysadmining -- superlong -- [WAS: "Red Hat recommends Windows for consumers"]]

On Fri, 2003-11-14 at 02:22, Arnt Karlsen wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Nov 2003 22:56:11 -0600, 
> Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net> wrote in message 
> <[🔎] 1068785771.18039.9.camel@haggis.homelan>:
> > On Thu, 2003-11-13 at 20:58, David Palmer. wrote:
> > [snip]
> > > Until we mature enough as a species to assume the full
> > > responsibility of
> > 
> > It hasn't happened in the last 100k years, what makes you think
> > it will happen when there are 10x as many people now as there were
> > 100 years ago, and there will be another 6-9B people in the next
> > 45 years.
> ..9B more is manageable, and easier if mankind shares its wealth.

Every time wealth sharing has been tried, society has suffered.
"Man" is not designed for such altruism.

> 20B more, would be a "handful" on this planet. This will not happen, 
> as sharing a good life etc means mankind volonteers to back off  on 
> breeding, capping the population at I guess 15B, and easing it down 
> to the long term sustainable 10B.

It was tried in the PRC, which has the muscle and neighborhood
spies to enforce it.  Still, it didn't work.

> ..carrying on like we do now on old fashion European combustion
> technology and stolen oil, it'll peak at 8 to 12B and drop to 5 to .2B 

Let me ease your mind: that oil is *not* stolen.  Even heard of
OPEC?  It does *not* cost anywhere *near* $30/bbl to get crude
oil out of a Saudi Arabian well and onto a tanker.  More like $5.

> in the next 2 decades, or if Bush stays in power, in his next term, 
> I'm guessing he and the RRR will try make their crusade nuclear, 


> to avoid war crime trials and death row.

Since the US hasn't ratified the ICJ treaty, it can't happen, unless
the Europeans come in (in force) and *take* GWB.  (Ha ha ha ha ha.)

Ron Johnson, Jr. ron.l.johnson@cox.net
Jefferson, LA USA

4 degrees from Vladimir Putin

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