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Re: Social Engineering. {was: Re: Opium [was: Re: freelance sysadmining -- superlong -- [WAS: "Red Hat recommends Windows for consumers"]]

On Friday 14 November 2003 3:48 pm, David Palmer. wrote:

> Einstein failed a maths exam, didn't see the sense in memorising
> multiplication tables when they were already written down.

Which doesn't mean that every boy that fail a math exam is a genius. 
Yes, memorizing multiplication tables is boring but memory has to be trained 
too, and that's part of the social function of schools.

> The education programme, which varies extensively with any particular
> environment, is initiated from approved texts. The most successful
> (individuals?) within the restrictions of the imposed paradigms gains
> the appropriate marks of social approval. 

Very often the most successful individuals by this definition are forgotten 
soon, instead we remember people that felted compelled to learn and discover 
new things that others didn't care about.  
Galileo, Copernicus, Columbus, Van Gogh. Remember? They wasn't that successful 
in their time but we are in debt with these guys.
I have the hope that in the future people like them will be reworded by 
society and not mediocrity.

> The modern 'educational' process is there to teach people how to read
> just well enough so that they no longer need to think.
> Regards,

The modern educational process should teach people not to think what have been 
thought by others before, but to concentrate on new problems.
It's what some call progress.


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