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Re: Moved on.......

"Jeffrey W. Pearson" <jeffreywpearson@sbcglobal.net> writes:

> Ive figured out how I broke my apt install and fixed it. Ive
> installed MySQL, and php4 and php4-mysql. Im running the stable
> version of the Debian.....One thing I notice is they are all old
> versions but when I run the apt-update it tells me they are all up
> to date.....How do I get them upgraded to the latest versions? (php
> 4.3.4 and mysql 4.0.16).....

What you have likely *are* the latest versions in Woody.  You should
read about the difference among the various Debian package release
lines: <URL:http://www.debian.org/releases/>.  The upshot is that
Debian users generally have to choose between having a system that is
very low maintenance ("stable") or a system that has all the latest
version of everything ("unstable").  If you want to generally follow
the "stable" release, but have a few very updated packages, then you
have other options (e.g., backports.org).


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