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Re: freelance sysadmining [WAS: "Red Hat recommends Windows for consumers"]

On Wed, Nov 12, 2003 at 04:03:12AM +0100, Arnt Karlsen wrote:
> ..you lost your Wintendo-vs-Linux paper, url?


> > Basic Plan:
> > When a patch for your distro is released, I will patch the system. I
> > will also set up a firewall customized for your needs. Whenever you
> > feel you need a kernel upgrade, I'll custom-compile a new kernel for
> > your system.
> ..cut this in 2 parts (basic and kernel?), KISS.  ;-)

Aight, that sound good.  $10 per kernel upgrade?

> > Two questions now: is there anything else I should offer with either
> > plan? And, how much do you think I should charge monthly (in USD)?
> ..listen to Tom and Ron, start out low till you have "enough" work, 
> then hoist your prices to control the work flow.  Price yourself out of 
> the boring stuff.  No warranties, other than on hardware and "from a
> backup", or you'll have Bill Gates shills ram it down your throat.

Aight, that sounds  like a really good plan.

> ..and, do team up with somebody, your clients wants things fixed "right
> now" when you're busy, and you can sell your own vacant time.

That'll be tough-- I'm (AFAIK) the only person in my area who's ever used a
Linux box for any significant amount of time.   I have been thinking about
that, though, 'cause you're right-- there are times I'll want to go out or
something, and I need someone to work while I'm out.

> ..802.11 connectivity plans in your area?  Fast piping is not all that
> cheap.  ;-)  

Sometime within the first half of next year I'm going to be getting
home-class ADSL (I'll upgrade to business class when I start making some
money).  I should be done with high school and have ADSL by the time this
idea catches on.  I hope.

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