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Re: No to wine! (was:"Red Hat recommends...")

Christian Schnobrich wrote:
On Fri, 2003-11-07 at 00:52, David Millet wrote:

Or not until wine begins running these and every windoze app that
everyone uses flawlessly, which hopefully happens soon.

Nooooo! please.

Here's my take. I like to play games. I have lots of games. As you are probably well aware, there's not many commercial games for Linux. So I keep a copy of Windows XP on my computer so I can play them.

If Wine could play all my games like they play in Windows, I could get rid of my Windows partition completely, and be all the happier with Linux as my main OS.

And yes, I know about WineX. But it's not there yet, and I don't have the funds to spend $5/month for something I may not use very often.

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