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Re: Restarting killed processes

> Ainsi parla BruceG le 304ème jour de l'an 2003:
>> Hey all,
>>    I recently installed sendmail / ipopd / apache /squirrelmail to
>>    make a SMTP/POP mail server with a Web interface. I'm running
>>    Debian Stable. My PC is kind of clunky and old (100 Mhz, 16Meg RAM,
>>    1 Gig disk space). I've noticed that some processes stop overnight.
>>    Apache, mandb, klogd,... - mainly it's Apache that stops.
> Do they _really_ stop, or only logging ? if it's this one, man
> logrotate may help you

Yeah, they stop. I was on a different PC and tried to connect to my web
server. Couldn't connect. I went to the server and saw the message "VM:
killing process Apache" on the console. I tried wading through the logs,
but they're a little difficult for a newbie to understand.

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