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Re: Restarting killed processes

"BruceG" <bruce-lists@manygriffi.blogdns.net> writes:

>> Ainsi parla BruceG le 304ème jour de l'an 2003:
>>>    I recently installed sendmail / ipopd / apache /squirrelmail to
>>>    make a SMTP/POP mail server with a Web interface. I'm running
>>>    Debian Stable. My PC is kind of clunky and old (100 Mhz, 16Meg RAM,
>>>    1 Gig disk space). I've noticed that some processes stop overnight.
>>>    Apache, mandb, klogd,... - mainly it's Apache that stops.
>> Do they _really_ stop, or only logging ? if it's this one, man
>> logrotate may help you
> Yeah, they stop. I was on a different PC and tried to connect to my web
> server. Couldn't connect. I went to the server and saw the message "VM:
> killing process Apache" on the console. I tried wading through the logs,
> but they're a little difficult for a newbie to understand.

That sounds like your system is running out of memory; 16 MB of RAM is
pretty tight.  How much swap do you have?  (Can you scavenge more
physical RAM?)  A kernel message starting with "VM" probably pertains
to the virtual memory subsystem, which is consistent with you running
out of memory.  Running 'free' might also help you look at what the
memory situation is.

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