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Re: netiquette: CCing on lists

On (28/10/03 22:37), Richard Lyons wrote:
> On Tuesday 28 October 2003 20:30, Monique Y. Herman wrote:
> [...]
> > Hrm..  Does debian-user not set the reply-to to the list, or is this my
> [...]
> Apparently not.  I wonder why not.  It would surely be a good idea  - for 
> those using simpler mail clients.  I use kmail and filter lists direct to 
> their own folders, where I set the reply-to-list address to try to prevent 
> myself making mistakes...  
> À propos, I've been thinking of giving mutt a try:  can it do that too?
I don't think I could cope with the volume of mail without mutt ;)  You
set the debian-user list in your muttrc file and then replying is a key
stroke (no cc's ...nada).  On the other hand reading in threaded mode
highlights duplicates making them easy to spot and delete.  I had never
used a text mail client before and the learning curve is a bit steep but I
wouldn't go back ;)


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