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netiquette: CCing on lists

I'm going to attempt to make this a polite question, rather than a rant
or flame ...

For those of you who CC people when responding to the mailing list, why
do you do this?  Is there some benefit to doing so of which I'm unaware?

I believe I have the Mail-Followup-To header set on my outgoing
messages, which should be a clue for some readers. (I was told that
gmane would translate Mail-Copies-To to Mail-Followup-To automagically.)
I put a comment in my sig requesting that I not receive CCs, and I swear
that the number of CCs I received actually increased!

What can I do that will convince habitual CCers not to CC me?  Are there
technical means beyond the Mail-Followup-To header?

PLEASE don't CC me.  Please.  Pretty please with sugar on top.
Whatever it takes, just don't CC me!  I'm already subscribed!!

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