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Re: Verify that spamc is using Bayesian?

On 03-10-18 12:47 -0400, ScruLoose wrote:
> There's an FAQ on SA's homepage that says something about making sure that
> spamd is running as the same user that sa-learn is run as. This makes sense,
> but how do I find out whether spamd is running as the user the mail is being
> delivered to... And does anyone know what the behaviour is by default for
> that package?

I didn't look @ that faq, but it sounds like you might be experiencing
the same problem I had about six weeks ago. I configured spamc to be
called by exim & to run as user mail, but then ran sa-learn & set up all
of my mutt aliases & etc to use ~/.spamassassin as user kenneth. Since
I'm the only user on the machine, I just created an sa group & set up a
system-wide configuration as described in this thread


I think what most people do for systems with more users is to scan
incoming mail from the users' ~/.procmailrc, which does seem a little
cleaner wrt custom BAYES rules


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