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Re: No X configuration offered during install of Woody (30r1)

On Tuesday October 21 at 08:12pm
Olav Lavell <olavell@xs4all.nl> wrote:

> Okay, learning every day :)
> Op di 21-10-2003, om 19:26 schreef John Hasler:
> > Olav Lavell writes:
> > > Why would one ever install Exim in a _base_ system? To name just
> > > one.
> > 
> > Exim isn't part of the Debian base.  Don't confuse 'base' with
> > 'standard'.
> Then how do I install a _base_ system?
> I am honestly interested. This is something I have been after for a
> while.

I think that is how I've been starting out every install I've ever done.
Just go through the setup, say no to tasksel and dselect, and there you
go. After that, it starts up apt-get, upgrades a couple security
packages, removes pcmcia support (if you told it to) and dumps you out
at the login console. All done.
-johann koenig
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