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Exim4 and MailDir


Googling for an Exim4 + MailDir + HowTo has yeilded little of value to
this poor soul.

One referred to a maildirmake command, which isn't on my sarge box
inspite of it's exim4 installation.

I'm obviously missing something obvious here - does one simply enable
maildir support in Exim4 and restart the daemon, and it will
automagically create the maildir hierarchies?

I'm stumbling on my way to:

Exim4 w/MailDir
mutt w/MailDir
Courier imap w/MailDir
mutt w/imap
Evolution w/imap
Various PC imap clients (Eudora, Outlook Express) - sorry - can't get
the wife and daughter to commit to Debian (yet)
A webmail application
amavis + clamav
spamassassin + sa-learn

Not a very auspicious beginning, although I think once I get Exim4 and
maildir and Courier Imap working, the rest will be relatively easy . .  

If someone wants to guide me through this off-list, that would be fine
with me, and would net someone a case or two of fine beverages . . . 


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