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Re: More on spam

On 20 Oct 2003, Monique Y. Herman wrote:
> On Mon, 20 Oct 2003 at 14:03 GMT, Anthony Campbell penned:
> >
> > The problem has appeared in the last few weeks, since when I've been
> > seeing an increasing number of messages to say that outgoing mail has
> > not been delivered (see below for some examples). None of these are
> > messages I have sent myself (obviously). The failures are only a small
> > subset of the emails that are being sent, presumably "successfully",
> > because when I ran mailq this morning there were 20 or 30 spam
> > messages waiting to go (I deleted them manually, of course). I looked
> > at these before deleting them; they were a very mixed bunch indeed, so
> > it can hardly be just one spammer.
> >
> I'm pretty sure that the messages you're receiving simply indicate that
> a spammer is spoofing your address in their From field.
> If you want to be sure you're not acting as an open relay, you can go to
> http://www.ordb.org/submit/
> and submit your mail server.  Note: if you *are* acting as an open
> relay, they will put you on their list until you clean up your act, and
> in the meantime some mail servers might not accept your mail.

Thanks for this; you could be right because most if not all of the
messages are coming from an ISP which produces spam almost exclusively
(but I use it because it allows me to run cgi-bin, which I need for a
form that people fill in on my website).


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