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Re: More on spam

On Monday 20 October 2003 09:02, Anthony Campbell wrote:

> I've realized recently that I'm inadvertently sending out lots of spam.
> I'd obviously wish to prevent this but how? I've been to the site you
> recommend but I find the information there too complex for me to be sure
> how to do it; it seems to be aimed at sysadmins of large sites and is
> well above the head of a single user like me. I downloaded a small perl
> script (Mail-SPF-Query-1.6) but I'm not clear how to use it. A simple
> guide for the uninitiated would be useful.

Needs some more details, like why do you think you are sending out spam, what 
is your mail server (MTA) thats doing it?

If you have a badly configured MTA, it can act as a mail relay for others 
(normally a mail server has mail coming in to deliver to local users - 
possibly on a local lan, or mail going out from local users to the outside 
world - what you want to prevent is mail coming and and being send out 
again).  Most have simple ways of doing that.

Alan Chandler

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