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Re: More on spam

On Mon, 20 Oct 2003 at 14:03 GMT, Anthony Campbell penned:
> The problem has appeared in the last few weeks, since when I've been
> seeing an increasing number of messages to say that outgoing mail has
> not been delivered (see below for some examples). None of these are
> messages I have sent myself (obviously). The failures are only a small
> subset of the emails that are being sent, presumably "successfully",
> because when I ran mailq this morning there were 20 or 30 spam
> messages waiting to go (I deleted them manually, of course). I looked
> at these before deleting them; they were a very mixed bunch indeed, so
> it can hardly be just one spammer.

I'm pretty sure that the messages you're receiving simply indicate that
a spammer is spoofing your address in their From field.

If you want to be sure you're not acting as an open relay, you can go to
and submit your mail server.  Note: if you *are* acting as an open
relay, they will put you on their list until you clean up your act, and
in the meantime some mail servers might not accept your mail.

Unless you need to share ultra-sensitive super-spy stuff with me, please
don't email me directly.  I will most likely see your post before I read
your mail, anyway.

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