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Re: A newbie's confusion about GPL

I'd like to stop this discussion :-)
you get in one more good reply and then I'm dropping it

> Then does that give people in Afghanistan and Iraq the right to attack
> America? As it does seem that (some) Americans want to kill them.

I said "we only want to kill them because they want to kill us"
if they stop, we stop
if they don't we don't
> The fact that "some" people want to kill you is not reason enough to
> indiscriminately wage war on a country. In fact it is a bad idea from a
> tactical point of view, as attacking someone will INCREASE their will to
> kill you.

yeah but we're so powerful we'll win that's the point of wars

> Any strategy that uses cruelty and capriciousness is clearly not going
> to make anyone love the cruel and capricious party (U.S. and allies).
> Therefore that clearly must not be the reason that these tactics are
> used. The Bush administration is not *that* stupid. 

seems like we're already hated, what's the loss

> (Bin Laden doesn't use cruelty to make people not want to kill him. He
> uses it because he wants to start a holy war.)

we'd be glad to oblige him

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