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Re: More on spam

on Sun, Oct 19, 2003 at 12:18:57PM -0500, John Hasler (john@dhh.gt.org) wrote:
> Dave Harding writes:
> > Did you file a complaint with your ISP?  Did you investigate alternative
> > providers?
> Some of us have no choice as to providers.

email != connectivity.

If nothing else, find a friend with a broadband connection and a mail
service who's willing to host you.

> > Did you write to ... your senator/congressperson (or any elected
> > officials that are part of your government)?
> They are certain to do more harm than good.

That, sir, is called defeatism.  I think it's worth a shot.

One of the issues I've had with Swen, overall, is the lack of outrage --
there's been very little coverage after the first few days of the virus,
despite the continued onslaught.  I see it as a watershed:  for the
first time, persons not directly susceptible to viruses are being
grossly impacted.

> > Think and act my friend!  Unlike the virus you can pick up the phone and
> > get try to find a sympathetic person inside the ISP.
> No chance of that here.

More defeatism.

> > There are a million other technical stopgap solutions that can be
> > implemented...
> Every solution to every problem can be viewed as a stopgap in some sense.

Life is a stopgap to death.  Your point?


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