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Re: More on spam

On Sun, Oct 19, 2003 at 10:20:33AM -0400, David Crane wrote:
> On Friday 17 October 2003 04:13 am, klaus imgrund wrote:
> > On Friday 17 October 2003 06:32, Jeff Elkins wrote:
> > > It's a nasty problem that shouldn't be minimized. Many users
> > > won't (or can't)
> > > take "heroic" steps (spamassassin,mailfilter,etc) but will
> > > abandon the list as a resource instead.
> >
> > Nothing heroic about installing spamassassin.If I can do it
> > nobody else should have a problem with it.
> For the sake of the list, please change the policy of posting 
> e-mail addresses on the web and in news groups.
> We do use mailfilter and spamassassin.  But we are losing mail.  We 
> have a 56K modem and a ISP with POP mail, and they limit us to a 
> couple of megabytes.  Not everyone can afford DSL, and we don't want
> to keep the computer on all the time.  We definitely won't want to 
> automatically dialup ever few hours to clean out the damn Swen 
> mails.
> Next step is to just read this list through a news reader.  
> Unfortunately, it will be difficult for me to contribute that way, 
> because I'd have to get a hotmail account (they're micro$loth, 
> right?) for each post.  Then I'll let the Swen crap rot on their 
> servers, along with the off-list e-mail replies.  I'll still be 
> able to read the list as news.  Has anyone started doing this?  Any 
> pointers?
> My Swen volume had dropped to a managable one per day since my last 
> post here around six weeks ago.  I posted last night (helping 
> someone fight Swen), and this morning, there were 20+ Swens, over 3 
> Megabytes.  I was *that* close to losing e-mail.  Never again.
> I am not being allowed to post again to this list from this account 
> (I'm sneaking in this one last post, figuring 12 hours won't matter 
> much).  A sad goodbye -- my next post will come from a hotmail 
> account.
> Thanks,
> David Crane

That the swen volume picked up over a few hours may indicate that
the swen virus writer is actually subscribed to the list and harvesting
email addresses from his own incoming email. Or maybe each copy
of swen is subscribing. It is a fairly large program, and could have
some rather complex behavior.

Paul E Condon           

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