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Re: More on spam

On Thursday 16 October 2003 10:58 pm, Roberto Sanchez wrote:
>Sidney Brooks wrote:
>> If the former, at
>> what will it have to conceded that the spammers have
>> made this user organization useless?
>You are not being singled out.  Neither has this
>rendered the list useless.  Check the list archives
>for various solutions to the problem:

While it hasn't made the list useless, it is indeed a major pain in the ass 
that's fairly recent. I've been on this list about a year and haven't had 
this bad a problem before. 

It's a nasty problem that shouldn't be minimized. Many users won't (or can't) 
take "heroic" steps (spamassassin,mailfilter,etc) but will abandon the list 
as a resource instead. 

Jeff Elkins

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