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Re: More on spam

On Sun, Oct 19, 2003 at 10:20:33AM -0400, David Crane wrote:
> For the sake of the list, please change the policy of posting 
> e-mail addresses on the web and in news groups.
For the sake of the open community, for accountability and the benefit
of the Debian community please _do not_ change the policy.  David, I
enjoy you posts as I enjoy everyone's posts on this list but as a fellow
contributor I want the ability to contact you and I want you to have the
ability to contact me.  Maybe you don't see or understand the point but
for me it's a matter of community.  When I ask or even search the
archives I'm admitting I'm vulnerable, and I really would prefer to not
take help from xxxxx@xxxxx.xxx, thank you.  

> We do use mailfilter and spamassassin.  But we are losing mail.  We 
> have a 56K modem and a ISP with POP mail, and they limit us to a 
> couple of megabytes.  Not everyone can afford DSL, and we don't want
> to keep the computer on all the time.  We definitely won't want to 
> automatically dialup ever few hours to clean out the damn Swen 
> mails.

Did you file a complaint with your ISP?  Did you investigate alternative
providers?  Did you write to the BBB or your senator/congressperson (or
any elected officials that are part of your government)?  If
your technical solutions are not working to your needs why did you not
attempt to use the protections/feedback methods provide by your society?

> My Swen volume had dropped to a manageable one per day since my last 
> post here around six weeks ago.  I posted last night (helping 
> someone fight Swen), and this morning, there were 20+ Swens, over 3 
> Megabytes.  I was *that* close to losing e-mail.  Never again.

Think and act my friend!  Unlike the virus you can pick up the phone and
get try to find a sympathetic person inside the ISP.  Ask them to set up
some filters for you.  One simple one would be to reject all emails
larger than ~40KB.  Setup a separate, private, email address for your
friends and family who want to send you large attachments.  There are a
million other technical stopgap solutions that can be implemented - few
of which would be so sad as obfuscating the address of posters.
> I am not being allowed to post again to this list from this account 
> (I'm sneaking in this one last post, figuring 12 hours won't matter 
> much).  A sad goodbye -- my next post will come from a hotmail 
> account.

I'm Bill Gates and Steve B. will be using you as a statistic before
long: Linux users use Hotmail!  Study shows....


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