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Re: More on spam

--- klaus imgrund <claus.imgrund@terra.com.br> wrote:
> > 
> > My Swen volume had dropped to a managable one per
> day since my last 
> > post here around six weeks ago.  I posted last
> night (helping 
> > someone fight Swen), and this morning, there were
> 20+ Swens, over 3 
> > Megabytes.  I was *that* close to losing e-mail. 
> Never again.
> > 
> I get about 2 'real' Swens (with virus formerly
> attached) and 4 warnings about 
> Swen from some dummies a day.
> You might be barking up the wrong tree here.
> Klaus 
Unlike many of you, I am not a computer professional
or computer expert. In order to get Debian to work, I
needed help from this site. The price has been the
endless spam, almost all which has either MS or
Microsoft in the return addresses.

Apparently, some of the real devotees of this site
insist that they still want email addresses posted
with messages. Many of us believe that the deluge of
spam is too high a price to pay for the help provided

Here is a suggested comprise. Let Debian set up two
different debian-user lists, one with and one without
posting of addresses. Let Debian warn new users of the
situation and let them choose their list.

I realize that some of the objectors to change are
real experts who help us all. However, I suspect some
experts will still be willing to help on a list that
doesn't give addresses.

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