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Re: More on spam

On Sunday 19 October 2003 13:50, Sidney Brooks wrote:
> --- klaus imgrund <claus.imgrund@terra.com.br> wrote:
> > 
> > > 
> > > My Swen volume had dropped to a managable one per
> > day since my last 
> > > post here around six weeks ago.  I posted last
> > night (helping 
> > > someone fight Swen), and this morning, there were
> > 20+ Swens, over 3 
> > > Megabytes.  I was *that* close to losing e-mail. 
> > Never again.
> > > 
> > I get about 2 'real' Swens (with virus formerly
> > attached) and 4 warnings about 
> > Swen from some dummies a day.
> > You might be barking up the wrong tree here.
> > 
> > Klaus 
> > 
> Unlike many of you, I am not a computer professional
> or computer expert. In order to get Debian to work, I
> needed help from this site. The price has been the
> endless spam, almost all which has either MS or
> Microsoft in the return addresses.
I am nowhere even near of being any kind of expert on anything.
I use kmail with my regular ISP mail account for this list - just to make the 
point of how much of a no-expert I really am.
If you got an account with a ISP that doesn't filter for viruses get rid of 
your ISP.
Otherwise its easy to filter those out by the warnings from the ISP.
All you are stuck with by then is the usual spam which is a lot but you need 
something to train spamassassin with ;-)
I can see people with dialup accounts or guys running mail servers (if 
somebody runs a mail server and doesn't know how to get rid of that stuff - 
well,don't run one then) having a problem with this but other than that it's 
just an annoyance.
Anyway,some kind of forum kind of deal instead of a mailing list would 
probably help but this will not happen.


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