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Re: A newbie's confusion about GPL

On (19/10/03 01:07), Tom wrote:
> > 
> I'm beginning to see this as an issue over which rational and reasonable 
> people can disagree.
> For me, this all ties back into my "Illusion of Technique" philosophy.  
> The positive argument the anti-Bush people make is: "Iraq is a waste of 
> time; we must eliminate al Quaeda itself."  I answer: show me your 
> SPECIFIC plan, don't just wave your hands and say: "We'll do it."
The war on terrorism has nothing to do with Iraq - it has provoked and
will continue to provoke more terrorism:
http://www.alternet.org/story.html?StoryID=16274 - ten lies about the
war in Iraq.  The UK and US were guilty of flagrant propaganda promoting

> When you press the anti-War people on just *how* they are going to 
> prevent cataclysmic terrorism, they generally bash Bush and say "we'll 
> use police techniques to prosecute them."  Sounds nice, but in 
> actuality, tough choices must be made.
The route to reducing terrorism is addressing the issues that provide
fertile recruitment to terrorist organisations - when people have
nothing to lose they will resort to desperate measures.

> Maybe in 50 years the Muslims will be turning out killer cars like 
> Germany or killer stereos like Japan.
Does it ever occur to you that their idea of progress is not to emulate
Germany, Japan or even America.  The Iraqis have a right to self
determination.  Germany has numerous problems and is no longer the
economic dynamo that it was; Japan has been in recession for 14 years.

To be rational, one needs to understand the facts rather than relying on
what government backed media wants us to believe.

This is probably not the place for this but one we do what we can ;)



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