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Re: Web-based e-mail system?

Randy Orrison wrote:
Aaron wrote:

I currently use a fetchmail / procmail / mbox / mutt e-mail setup,
with ssmtp (properly linked through `sendmail` of course) for sending.
I would really like to have a web mail system set up so that I can at
least read, if not send, e-mail from my website as well.

Does anyone know of a package that can put mbox mail on the web? It
sounds kind of silly, given the inefficiency of mbox, so I'm not
holding high hopes, but if anyone has info. about it, that'd be great.

I was using mbox at first, but eventually bit the bullet and switched to maildir. I'm using courier-imap and squirrelmail, and am very happy with it. I also use mutt when I'm logged into the console, and sometimes Mozilla mail from my Windows box through IMAP.

Procmail will deliver to maildir just fine, so there's no reason to stick with mbox. (I used mutt to move my messages from my mbox files to maildir, via the IMAP server). If you need more details about setting any of it up, just ask.

If you really want to stick with your mbox files, I think uw-imap will handle them, but I don't recommend it (it's SLOW). I started with that and squirrelmail.

Slow for how many users?
How slow is slow?

I've played with SquirrelMail/IMAP for a few weeks and for a few users it's been just fine. Looking at the logs I do see that it's constantly re-connecting to the server with each page change (as is expected unless it could have some sort of IMAP proxy.)

I was just wondering what your experiance with SLOW was so I could be aware of potential future issues.


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