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Re: Web-based e-mail system?

On Fri, Oct 17, 2003 at 12:13:31AM -0600, Jacob Anawalt wrote:
> Randy Orrison wrote:
> >Aaron wrote:
> >
> >>I currently use a fetchmail / procmail / mbox / mutt e-mail setup,
> >>with ssmtp (properly linked through `sendmail` of course) for sending.
> >>I would really like to have a web mail system set up so that I can at
> >>least read, if not send, e-mail from my website as well.
> >>
> >>Does anyone know of a package that can put mbox mail on the web? It
> >>sounds kind of silly, given the inefficiency of mbox, so I'm not
> >>holding high hopes, but if anyone has info. about it, that'd be great.
> >

You might take a look at Open WebMail.  It was derived from
NeoMail, and was said to handle mbox efficiently.

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