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Re: Promise Fasttrak 100 PDC20267 on Debian

> > Hmmm, I don't even have this directory under my /dev/ (with the stable
> > distribution).  Does this get added with the testing distribution or
> > some other way?
> ...
> you can get a script to create the device files from there:
> http://people.redhat.com/arjanv/pdcraid/MAKEDEV
> by the way: the device nodes are included if you install from a more
> recent bf2.4 boot floppy with woody do (the first few did or did only
> partly support the promise raid chips and so i had to make the floppy
> myself but as i remember at least the device nodes are included now
> since i was able to install directly on the pdc20265r array last time,
> though i dropped the board with the onbpard raid a while back, but i
> dont think they removed it?) [I reformatted it for you, Albert :)]

Very cool!  Thanks so much.  The script for creating the /dev/ataraid
device files is very appreciated.

This makes me think I should clarify something here, however: I'm
wanting to do hardware RAID, not software RAID.  I'm assuming because
we are talking about RAID cards (vs. IDE cards) that this is assumed
but possibly it is not.  On the Red Hat machine that I set up to do
hardware RAID'ing with a Promise card (using Promise's instructions and
driver), the system isn't RAID'ing at all.  It simply sees the RAID
array as a scsi device.

I wanting to do the same on a Debian system if possible.


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