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Re: XFS over EXT3

Greetings to all:

I'm planning to install debian and planning to use XFS instead of Ext3,
does anybody know how to do ti, or know of any advantage of one file
system over the other, any recomendation will be appretiated.

There maybe better ways to do it but here is how I did it!
I used the debian 6 floppy set of the rescue/installation to do a net install of 'woody'. I did just a basic cli 'command line interface' install. Then:
1.  download a debian 2.4.22.x kernel source.
2.  compile the kernel with jfs & other (as needed) file systems
    compiled into the kernel.
3. make a boot floppy using this kernel. Just in case.
4. reboot using thsi new kernel.
5. make ypur debian partitions using this kernel. Make a jfs or whatever
   file system you wish.
6. copy you exiting basic debian cli system to these new debian
7. edit /etc/fstab to reflect the new partitions.
8. make your boot loader point to this new debian partitions using the
   new kernel that suports the new file systems.
9. reboot debian. Away you go.


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