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Re: Promise Fasttrak 100 PDC20267 on Debian

> Hmmm, I don't even have this directory under my /dev/ (with the stable
> distribution).  Does this get added with the testing distribution or
> some other way?
you can get a script to create the device files from there:

by the way: the device nodes are included if you install from a more recent bf2.4 boot floppy with woody do
(the first few did or did only partly support the promise raid chips and so i had to make the floppy myself but as i remember at least the device nodes are included now since i was able to install directly on the pdc20265r array last time, though i dropped the board with the onbpard raid a while back, but i dont think they removed it?)

yours Albert

Albert Dengg <a_d@gmx.at>

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