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Re: Promise Fasttrak 100 PDC20267 on Debian

Paul Yeatman wrote:

Hi, similarly, I have an onboard Promise RAID chip but with chipset
PDC20276 which, however so close, doesn't seem to be offered the same
support by the 2.4.18(-19) kernel (at least it doesn't explicitely say
it supports it as it does the PDC202067 chipset).  The device is called
MBFastTrak133 and I'm having no luck having the system acknowledge the
mirrored hard drive array.

I had to get a 2.4.21 kernel to get support for the 20276 chipset.

This works great, causing the mirrored RAID array to show up as a scsi
device, for me, /dev/sda.

With the kernel driver mine shows up as /dev/ataraid/d0

Verifying that the Block Device for PDC202XX is indeed built into the
Debian 2.4.18-ll kernel, I was hoping things might just work.  Using
the same kernel boot options, I was hoping the mirrored devices might
magically show up as /dev/sda or at least individually or
otherwise under some ide device name.  No such success.

Any ideas, tips, thoughts out there?

Try a newer kernel.




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